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Most people have already traveled to Paris or imagined themselves there through the numerous movies or   More...
Eating in Paris is a sure thing. No matter where you are there will always be great food not far away.  More...
Paris Sightseeing could take you a lifetime but there are a few areas that you simply cannot miss.  More...
There are many things to shop for in Paris but ultimately the two most popular are always clothes and food.  More...
Parisian Nightlife is very diverse. Depending on your age and taste there are many different areas   More...

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Eating in Paris is a sure thing. No matter where you are there will always be great food not far away. Here more than ever local knowledge is the key factor. Anyone you meet will have suggestions and ideas for eating out. Be slightly wary of hotel staff advice though as often they will recommend their friends' places as opposed to their own favorite.

You can eat all kinds of food in Paris and there are so many great restaurants that I could write for many pages and still miss out some fantastic places. Instead I will try and make a few suggestions and give you my opinion on the Paris Restaurant scene.

There are many things that people look for in a restaurant; Great food, atmosphere, diversity, Invention, originality are but a few. All depends on what you are looking for and who you are with. If you are with someone special, and want a dazzling evening which will provide for unforgettable memories, you might want to try a Restaurant called the “Chalet des Iles” which is in the “ Bois de Boulogne ”. It is set on a little island and can only be reached by boat… Any number of restaurants up in “ Montmartre ” which overlook the city will also provide the magic and romantic atmosphere that Paris is famous for. A restaurant which is slightly touristy but definetly quite breathtaking is the “Ciel de Paris”; this restaurant is at the top of the “Tour Montparnasse” skyscraper and will give you the best view of Paris and you might also get a bluesy jazz piano session.

If you are looking for trendy restaurants, which are hip and full of Beautiful people, I would recommend Restaurants such as “Man Ray”, “the Doobies”, “Cabaret”, “Buddha bar” and “Maison Blanche”. All of these restaurants are in and around the Champs-Elysees, and most are very close to many famous clubs and bars, which means the evening does not need to end with dinner. A few suggestions are important though. You will need to reserve in advance, dress to kill (No sneakers) and do not expect exceptional food. Though the food can be good the price you are paying does not reflect this; rather it is justified by the setting, and the ambiance.

If you are looking for the best cuisine and are ready to spend large amounts of money on a dinner, I suggest you buy the Michelin guide, to find the many three star, two star, and one star Michelin restaurants in Paris . However these restaurants are expensive and very exclusive!

On the ethnic side I strongly recommend going to the “13 th Arrondissement”, which is the Parisian Chinatown. I especially recommend trying out Vietnamese restaurants. Vietnam used to be part of France 's colonial empire and the cuisine is very very good.

You should also try to find Maroccan and Lebenese restaurants. There are a great many such restaurants peppered all around Paris but the 18 th Arrondissement as well as the 10 th are very good areas to look for them.

On the French side I will recommend Trying out a restaurant called “Chez Papa” where they serve traditional ‘basque' cuisine, from the south west of France . The “Maison de l'Aubrac”, just off the Champs-Elysees will delight you with its rich cuisine from the east of France . I strongly suggest trying out French regional cuisine in Paris whenever you can, because a lot of pride and effort are put into such restaurants by their owners, to keep local cuisine and tradition going.

All in all though, as long as you stay away from fast food joints, you can't go too wrong on the restaurant front in Paris . The service might not always be great and very often it might require a little bit of French from you to help the waiters' understand what you want but the rare combination of great food, great settings and the Parisian atmosphere should enable you to have some fantastic dining experiences.

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