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There are many things to shop for in Paris but ultimately the two most popular are always clothes and food.  More...
Parisian Nightlife is very diverse. Depending on your age and taste there are many different areas   More...

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Parisian Nightlife is very diverse. Depending on your age and taste there are many different areas and things to do. If you want to go out for a drink you can spend time in the ‘6eme arrondissement' known as ‘St-Germain des Pres', there you will find many little bars all around the St-Michel tube station area. On one side, narrow little cobbled streets are peppered with little bars, restaurants and Greek kebab shops. On the other side, you will find bars and ‘creperie's' and more little restaurants. Try straying off the most popular roads such as Boulevard St-Germain, and anywhere, you see lots of tourists. There are many fascinating places and the only way to choose is to actually go there and walk into the place that suits your fancy.

You can also spend time in the ‘Marais' area that borders Place de la Republique. This area is now the heart of the Paris gay community and is vibrant. The bars are all unique and any number will be ideal for a fantastic night out. The only snag is transport as most of the streets are very narrow. Do not expect to park there or find a taxi easily.

Not far from there you can walk to the "quartier Montorgeuil” which is a pedestrian area.

This area is very much the haunt of the modern French media Folk. It is hip, trendy and very Parisian in the sense that it is genuine. You will not find many tourists here but there are quite a lot of expats in this quiet, yet cozy, part of town. Try bars such as the ‘Coeur fou', ‘the next', or the ‘diable rouge', which will entertain you with sophistication but will, like most bars in Paris , be quite smoky. If you remain in this area throughout the night and feel a little hungry there is the famous ‘Tambour restaurant' that serves delicious food until very, very late, and even if you are not hungry, it is still worth the detour, as the staff will never fail to entertain you.

‘ Montmartre ' is also a very enjoyable place to wander and have a few drinks. The only suggestion I can make, is to make a real evening out of it. Get there in the morning and visit the ‘Sacree-Coeur' and wander around the area during the day and watch the sun go down over the city from the steps of the ‘Sacree-Coeur', and from there go and find a little bar or bistro before having a spot of dinner. Monmartre is romantic, but it is quite far to the nearest tube station when you are at the top.

The 16 th Arrondissement is also quite nice, especially around the Trocadero. In the evening, you will get a lovely view of the Eiffel tower and are only a stroll away from the Champs Elysees . I wouldn't recommend any bar on the ‘Champs-Elysees', but on the little streets on either side, you will find many lovely little restaurants and bars, however, they do require smart dressing so avoid wearing sneakers and shorts. Some classic places such as Man Ray, the Doobies', the Nirvana Lounge and Fouquets' are some of the in places to have a drink, and be seen.

If you are the other side of the river I can only suggest place Monge for a few drinks as it is the heart of the 5eme University network. There are many lovely little places and once again the choice is yours.

Finally all around the ‘tour Monparnasse' you will find a myriad of fantastic little places where once again the choice is all yours!

If after this you are up for dancing there are many different options once again.

The Republic area offers many nice bars, in particular the “Favella chic”, which is situated right next door to a club called the Gibus that can be a convenient place to continue dancing once Favella closes.

In the Monmartre area, there are many clubs, but two are certainly worth a trip. The Locomotive which is right next door to the ‘Moulin Rouge' and the “Follies Pigalle”, which is an experience in itself, are both worth a visit, if you are in the area.

All around Bastille, you will find many bars and clubs for the young professionals of Paris and none stand out as much as “the Barrio Latino”, which blends three floors of lavish draping and furnishings with a mixture of Latin and house music to fantastic effect. If you are still in the mood for Latin music, the Champs Elysees will provide you with the ‘Montecristo' where Latin dancing is a requisite, as is being well dressed.

If you don't like it there you don't have to go far to find two of the most famous clubs in Paris . The Queen is THE legendary club for techno music, it also happens to be one of the most popular clubs with the gay community and as such you might find yourself left outside, in spite of being a beautiful, well dressed girl. The other famous club is the VIP, which is right next door to the Planet Hollywood. It is extremely difficult to get in as it is extremely select so don't be surprised if you cannot get in. If you do you will have achieved what a great many Parisians haven't, namely to hang with the famous people of the city, but given the exorbitant prices only go if you love glamour and clubbing.

On the select front, the “Cabaret” is also worth the detour, as it is a microcosm of the famous and the beautiful. Once again it is not easy to get in so don't get your hopes up.

A good technique would be to have dinner there first, which will guarantee your entrance.

For those who might not want all the trouble and excitement, there are quite a few bars that are very enjoyable. The Hemingway bar at the Ritz hotel is exceptional, but once again it will be a very well dressed outing. Alternatively you can go dancing at club 79, off the ‘Champs-Elysees', which caters to an older, but fun crowd. Finally, throughout the summer, along the banks of the seine, you can go folk dancing to the sound of live bands.

As a general rule of thumb for going out, most Parisians start with a late dinner, followed by drinks, and then a place to dance. On the whole, it is better to dress up, for the simple reason that it will broaden your options. Paris is expensive, but once you get off the beaten track, by a street or two, you will find many fantastic places that are reasonably priced. The best option is to ask the staff at your hotel or shopkeepers during the day, but no matter what area you are, in except the ‘Champs-Elysees', you will always manage to find lovely little places that give you excellent value for your money.

Another option for your Parisian nightlife is to go to the theatre or a jazz club, the opera or even the ballet. If you get same day tickets, this will cost you a lot less, but they are often hard to come by so make sure you ask at your hotel. There are also many free concerts and events over the summer that you can find in the ‘Pariscope'. Once again for this kind of evening the local input and knowledge is essential

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