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Most people have already traveled to Paris or imagined themselves there through the numerous movies or   More...
Eating in Paris is a sure thing. No matter where you are there will always be great food not far away.  More...
Paris Sightseeing could take you a lifetime but there are a few areas that you simply cannot miss.  More...
There are many things to shop for in Paris but ultimately the two most popular are always clothes and food.  More...
Parisian Nightlife is very diverse. Depending on your age and taste there are many different areas   More...

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Guide To Paris
Most people have already traveled to Paris or imagined themselves there through the numerous movies or even the last episode of ‘Sex in the city’ but ultimately Paris will be everything and anything you want it to be. Your experience there will be unique, because as soon as you get there you will be drawn to the area that best fits with your idea of what Paris is.

Of course you will go to the ‘Louvre’ and Notre-Dame, and you most certainly will visit the Eiffel tower and the Arc de Triomphe, but that will be the sightseeing part of your trip and it will not provide you with the kind of memories that you will expect from the City of lights and of course Love that is Paris.

There is no guide to Paris as proper that would be of any use once you get there because they will be too big but you can always go for the lonely planet guide to Paris and if you can speak French and are on a Romantic break I suggest you purchase “Le routard des amoureux a Paris” which will list all the romantic spots and activities that you and your significant other, can explore.

The secret to Paris resides in its organization that originated under Napoleon. The city is divided into 20 “Arrondissements” that spiral outwards from the center of town where you will find the 'Louvre' and 'Conciergerie' for example. Once you have this basic organization you need to know that each arrondissement has its own identity and crowd.

Then within each arrondissement you will find about four different “Quartiers”. These 'Quartiers' are the living soul of Paris as each of them has its own story and pride.

I will recommend a few 'Quartiers' throughout the various sections but ultimately you will find yourself in places that I will not of mentioned and perhaps these will be the most attractive or memorable for you and that is the charm of Paris. You don’t need an itinerary.

Paris will delight you at many levels. The food, the architecture, the nightlife, the shopping, there is nothing Paris cannot offer… except perhaps the notion of fantastic service. Paris is notorious for treating tourists badly but this label is somewhat unfair. Parisians are very proud of their city but are also very busy. They will seem arrogant and at times aloof, but this is quite natural. If you had millions of tourists running around your city after a while you probably just try and ignore them. The simple fact is Paris is a European Capital and a thriving business center which conflicts with world that the visitor experiences.

Nevertheless in spite of his many shortcomings the Parisian is the essence of the city. If you are lucky you might meet a few real Parisians with stories to tell. You will be amazed at how knowledgeable they are about their city and they will be the ones who will suggest a little place that will stay with you forever. This is when you will understand their pride which borders on arrogance. Listen to French music, see if you can make it to a concert or a show, because that is what being a Parisian is all about, and if you are lucky for a few days or even weeks you two might become a Parisian. You might even catch yourself lecturing your friends with knowledgeable superiority about Paris and the Parisian way of life back home and that’s how you will know that some small part of you belongs to Paris and that in return that makes you a Parisian.

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