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Think about Cancun and you feel like you’re already relaxing on a warm, sandy shore watching crystal-clear waves splash below your feet.  More...
If you think a trip to Cancun means a week of Mexican food, you're wrong.  More...
Without a doubt, Cancun draws in millions of visitors each year because of its world famous beaches and tropical atmosphere.  More...
Cancun has no shortage of shopping. From malls to markets to craft workshops, there's a variety of outposts offering  More...
Cancun 's nightlife is legendary. After the sun goes down, the resort pulses with music and tourists swarm the bars,  More...

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Guide To Cancun
If you think a trip to Cancun means a week of Mexican food, you're wrong.If you think a trip to Cancun means a week of Mexican food, you're wrong. While Cancun boasts a wealth of restaurants dedicated to local fare, cuisines from around the world are found in the resort's restaurants. With over 1,200 eateries to choose from, you'll never tire of eating in Cancun.

The selection of restaurants depends on location: in the Zona Hotelera, many places cater to an assumed tourist liking for a variety of different types of cuisine. If you're in the mood for non-Mexican fare, the Zona Hotelera is the place to go. Close to the Avalon Grand Cancun sits Blue Bayou, Mexico 's first Cajun restaurant. Here, you can listen to live jazz while enjoying the popular Cancun jambalaya, a Mexican take on the Cajun staple. The Le Meridien Resort and Spa is home to Aioli, a stylish restaurant that offers a contemporary take on Moroccan cuisine. Aioli grills fresh fish to perfection and has a wine list that can please even the most discriminating coinsurer. In the vicinity of the Melia Turquesa Cancun is the recently opened Italian outpost, Gustino Italian Beachside Grill. A brick and wood interior gives the restaurant an old-world Italian atmosphere. Savor forkfuls of al dente pasta in sweet pepper sauce while admiring the beach and listening to soft violin music. For lighter entrees, try 100% Natural, a vegetarian eatery near the Aquamarina Beach Resort Cancun . The open-air restaurant features salads, soups, and grilled specialties that keep beach-goers looking their best. Longing for American cuisine after sampling fare from around the world? Visit Tony Roma's and enjoy Caesar salads, juicy steaks, and baby-back ribs prepared the same way they are in the States. Close to the Hotel Sierra Cancun is the Studebaker Bar and Grill, another good choice for down-home food. The 1950s-‘60s theme restaurant serves up classics like cheeseburgers and thick milk shakes in a setting that easily passes for the inside of an American diner.

In Punta Cancun, the area at the end of the Zona Hotelera island, well known Mexican restaurants flank luxury hotels. Enjoy an extravagant meal of Mexican specialties inside the Fiesta Americana Grand Coral . Beef medallions served with green cactus buds and a variety of hot chilies are tempered by icy margaritas. Next to the Camino Real Cancun sits Maria Bonita, a restaurant that resembles a traditional Mexican hacienda. Classic Mexican fare, like steak on a banana leaf with guacamole, peppers, and onions, rules the menu. Tex-Mex staples like fajitas and barbequed ribs are also served.

Downtown, authentic Mexican specialties reign. Local eateries in the area are almost guaranteed to serve up tasty dishes, many of which are reasonably priced. To enjoy local flavors while getting the most value for your money, head into one of downtown's many markets. Mercado 28, one of Cancun 's biggest markets, is located a few steps away from the Hotel Plaza Kokai . Nestle into a table at a tiny restaurant or grab a bite to eat from one of Mercado 28's many food stalls. Rosa Mexicano is one of Cancun 's best colonial style restaurants. Piñatas hang from the ceiling and waiters dress up as charros , Mexican cowboys. Rosa Mexicano's candlelit patio is a romantic place to enjoy nopalitos , cactus strips sautéed with corn, cilantro and cheese. Meat lovers should check out La Parilla, a popular Mexican eatery that specializes in flame-grilled steaks and other prime cuts. Nightly music combines with the sizzling of the grill to create a lively and fun atmosphere. Just as the Zona Hotelera's 100% Natural serves up dishes for non-meat lovers, downtown's Ty-Coz caters to a vegetarian crowd. The cafe crafts excellent sandwiches from vegetables and freshly baked bread. For a dining experience unlike any other, visit Perico's, a Mexican restaurant-bar near the Miramar Mission Cancun . Every night, Mariachi and Marimba bands gather diners at Perico into a conga line that winds through the restaurant and out onto downtown's streets. Everyone who participates is rewarded with a free shot of tequila.

To whet an appetite for seafood, go farther into the city center and taste the freshest fish in Cancun . Find El Cejas in the heart of downtown, close to the Margaritas Hotel Cancun . Ceviche and spicy shrimp soup are El Cejas favorites. The restaurant's famous “return to life” special combines the best of the sea – shrimp, oysters, calamari, fish, conch, and octopus – in a spicy tomato sauce. Nearby El Pescador is another excellent choice for fish. Locals flock to the rustic restaurant to feast on seafood tacos and other Yucatan specialties. Those who want to enjoy seafood in style should reserve a table at La Habichuela. The fairly pricey establishment is set inside a walled garden where a live jazz band plays. La Habichuela features innovative dishes such as cocobichuela : a coconut filled with lobster, shrimp, and tropical fruits in a curry sauce. Never thought you'd find sushi in the heart of Mexico ? Yamamoto, located near the Radisson Hacienda Cancun , proves that assumption wrong. Yamamoto pairs the freshest sushi in Cancun with pleasing sake to create a Japanese meal as satisfying as you'll find anywhere in the world.

Lavish breakfast and brunch buffets have become popular all over the resort. Many offer so much food that if you eat late in the morning, you may not need a meal for the rest of the day. In the Zona Hotelera, a restaurant near the Crown Paradise Club Cancun starts serving its first customers at 7AM . The Captain's Cove features an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet for a bargain. The scenery is a steal too: diners face big, open windows that look out onto the Royal Yacht Club Marina. Downtown, start the day off at Navajos. People-watch while dining on yogurt and fruit plates and different kinds of sweetbreads. Los Bisquets de Obregón is another great option for an early meal downtown. The restaurant serves hearty huevos rancheros , sunny-side up eggs and salsa on tortillas, to a crowd of locals and tourists. Finish off your meal with traditional Mexican biscuits and milky coffee. Those who want to indulge should head to Cafecito. The cafe offers a decadent breakfast menu that includes chocolate sauce-topped crepes and Belgian waffles a la mode.

With its wide variety of cuisines and types of eateries, figuring out which restaurants to visit may be the hardest part of your Cancun vacation. Whether you favor the local cuisine or try out fare from around the world, take some time to appreciate the resort's dining scene – few places in the world offer as many delicious eating options as Cancun.

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