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Think about Cancun and you feel like you’re already relaxing on a warm, sandy shore watching crystal-clear waves splash below your feet.  More...
If you think a trip to Cancun means a week of Mexican food, you're wrong.  More...
Without a doubt, Cancun draws in millions of visitors each year because of its world famous beaches and tropical atmosphere.  More...
Cancun has no shortage of shopping. From malls to markets to craft workshops, there's a variety of outposts offering  More...
Cancun 's nightlife is legendary. After the sun goes down, the resort pulses with music and tourists swarm the bars,  More...

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Guide To Cancun
Cancun has no shortage of shopping. From malls to markets to craft workshops, there's a variety of outposts offeringCancun has no shortage of shopping. From malls to markets to craft workshops, there's a variety of outposts offering specialty goods for bargains you can't find in America . Keep your eyes open – some of the best buys can be found in unlikely places.

In Cancun , shops are generally open on weekdays between 10AM and 1PM and again from 4PM to 7PM. Recently, some stores have decided to forgo the traditional afternoon siesta and stay open the entire day. Malls tend to be open from 9AM to 8PM on weekdays. Markets keep similar hours but sometimes stay open later in the night. While it's best to shop on weekdays when stores and vendors have the biggest selection of goods in stock, some shops do business on Saturday and Sunday mornings to accommodate tourists' busy schedules. In Cancun 's markets, bargaining is the key to getting a good deal. Stores usually have fixed prices. If you pay cash for your goods, you may get the 15% sales tax taken off at shops that don't want to pay steep credit-card commissions.

Cancun 's markets are the best places to pick up authentic Mexican goods. With the amount and variety of sombreros, textiles, handicrafts and jewelry offered at these markets, you're sure to find something you'll want to take home. Head downtown to shop the most extensive markets. Mercado 28 is one of the most popular – not only is it great for scoring bargains on Mexican pottery, rugs, clothing and silver jewelry, it's also packed with food stalls and restaurants to satisfy the appetites of hungry shoppers. Find more handicrafts at Market Ki-Huic, located near the Hotel Plaza Kokai . Ki-Huic is one of Cancun 's oldest markets. It hosts over 100 vendors who sell goods such as Mexican blankets, sombreros, and silver trinkets. Women may be interested in the market's selection of Mayan Huipils, white cotton dresses with colorful embroidery at the neckline and hem. Staying in the Zona Hotelera? Visit the Coral Negro Market, located near the Avalon Grand Cancun and the Miramar Mision Cancun . The market's 50+ stalls sell small crafts like colorful glazed ceramics and papier-mâché fruits. Also located in the Zona Hotelera is the La Fiesta Market which features silver ornaments and woven wall hangings.

Cancun 's malls are geared towards tourists and offer amenities like air conditioning, food courts, video arcades, and movie theaters in addition to an array of shops. Kukulcan Plaza is Cancun 's premier shopping mall, boasting over 250 stores, 15 eateries, two theaters, a bar, and a bowling alley. Its Zona Hotelera location makes getting there easy – Kukulcan Plaza is minutes away from the Crown Paradise Club Cancun and the Hyatt Regency Cancun . The mall features a “ Luxury Avenue ” where well-known designers such as Cartier, Fendi, and Versace recently opened outposts. Kukulcan Plaza dedicates some stores to handicrafts and specialty goods, so if you're not in the mood to haggle with market vendors, come to the mall to pick up traditional clothing and jewelry.

Across from the Park Royal Piramides Cancun is the newly opened La Isla Shopping Village. Take a break from browsing the luxury shops of this chic and ultra-trendy mall by visiting its marina, disco, aquarium, movie theater and restaurants. La Isla is also home to several art galleries. One of the most well known is the The Renato Dorfman Gallery, which sells hand-carved replicas of Mayan art. Down the road from the Melia Turquesa Cancun and the Royal Sunset Cancun is Plaza Caracol, a mall that rivals Kukulcan Plaza in its size. Plaza Caracol's most popular stores, Benetton, Bally, Ralph Lauren and Gucci, offer lower prices than their U.S. counterparts. Caracol is also home to more exotic shops that feature Mexican art and fine pieces of gold and silver jewelry. Marble floors and plant-filled atriums contribute to the mall's modern, chic style. Nearby Plaza Mayfair has a host of shops, bars and restaurants that surround an open-air courtyard in which a free nightly show of Mayan dance and music takes place.

While downtown's layout can't accommodate the sprawling malls of the Zona Hotelera, the area has an array of shops worth visiting. Near the Radisson Hacienda Cancun , find deals on perfume, cosmetics and jewelry at UltraFemme, a popular duty-free store. Down the road is Foto Omega, an electronics shop known for having the best selection of cameras and video equipment in the resort. De Piel Es Martin carries leather bags softer than any you'll find in America and sells them for cheaper prices, too. Fama, near the Hotel Plaza Kokai Cancun , is a great place to stock up on necessities for your stay in the resort. The department store sells clothing, English-language books, sporting gear and toiletries. Though they are much smaller in scale than the Zona Hotelera's malls, downtown has two shopping centers worth visiting. Locals flock to Plaza 2000, a mall near the Margaritas Hotel Cancun , to pick up inexpensive footwear and cheap clothing. Plaza las Americas features a few large stores, including Sears and JC Penny's, along with about 40 smaller shops and a supermarket.

If jewelry is what you're looking for, take a quick ferry ride from the Playa Caracol dock near the Miramar Mision Cancun and the Gran Melia Cancun to Isla Mujeres, a tiny island with its own shopping district. Isla Mujeres is renowned for the quality of its gemstones and made-to-order work. Purchase diamonds, rubies and sapphires and have them crafted into jewelry while you explore the island. Workshops near Isla Mujeres' central plaza compete to give shoppers the best deal on pre-made gold and silver finery. In addition to jewelry, the island's markets feature items similar to those found in Cancun , often for cheaper prices. Sellers hawking masks, t-shirts, onyx, silver, blown glassware and folk art compete for the attention of visitors. Though their goods may seem steals at first, bargain to get the best deals.

Cancun has markets, malls, and stores to suit every kind of shopper. With an extensive selection of everything from luxury clothing to handmade crafts, Cancun's shopping rivals that of any resort. Look closely and you're bound to find something that strikes your eye and will remind you of Cancun for years to come.

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