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Los Angeles is a vacation hot spot; a magnet for travelers worldwide. Hollywood punctuates   More...
Los Angeles is the city where people go to seek fame and fortune. Thus, it is not surprising to find that its   More...
A town that sells star maps and offers bus tours of celebrity homes, is a town that knows how to market itself,   More...
Window-shopping on Rodeo Drive . Searching for bargains at a flea market. Buying a new hat at The Grove.   More...
How to spend time in Los Angeles is a question that every visitor faces, and while the city's size   More...

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Guide To Los Angeles
Los Angeles is the city where people go to seek fame and fortune. Thus, it is not surprising to find that its chefs have become celebrities, and that its restaurants, such as the Ivy, have become known to the world by just their name. Tourists however will likely wish to spend more modestly when dining out, and in L.A. , that's entirely possible.

Cuisine in L.A. ranges from American and Contemporary to French and Chinese. The city seems to offer every type of cuisine imaginable and California cooking has always been a popular choice among locals and tourists alike. Searching for a place to dine out can be added to one's L.A. experiences, and whether you find yourself downtown, in Hollywood , or in Pasadena , chances are good that you'll find a place that's just right -- for your budget, as well as your appetite.

Depending on location, prices for restaurants will vary. One can get an entire meal for under $10 at places such as the Apple Pan in West L.A. , but if in Beverly Hills , Wolfgang Puck's Spago can cost more than five times that amount. Just remember, there will always be places to get a quick something to eat, even in the high-end areas. A little patience and searching will often result in a good deal.

If you feel like treating yourself to a fine-dining experience however, restaurants such as Spago are readily available. Reservations are of course essential, but that's to be expected. At Spago Beverly Hills, you'll find an ever-changing menu, as well as a wonderful place to people-watch. A night out at this restaurant can thus be said to be more than just a fine meal, but also a singular experience well worth the price.

Speaking of places to see, Philippe the Original in downtown L.A. is the city's oldest restaurant. Established in 1908, the restaurant is dedicated to staying true to tradition and treating its customers to an old-fashioned experience. The prices at Phillipe's are excellent, catering to individuals, groups, and families. Visit Phillipe's in the morning for a hearty breakfast and build up your energy for a day exploring the area's sights, such as the Bradbury Building on South Broadway.

For those touring Hollywood , a stopover at Zankou Chicken on West Sunset Boulevard might be in order. The fast-food restaurant is inexpensive, well-known, and serves a variety of Armenian dishes. If you wish to sample other world cuisine, a trip to Opalie in West Hollywood is a good bet. This Mediterranean restaurant offers a moderately-price menu full of flavors and dishes that might be new to most. After a long day window-shopping on Rodeo Driver or walking the Avenues of Art and Design, a relaxing meal at a fine restaurant might just be the right way to close the day.

If visiting Chinatown or Little Tokyo, you'll never be far from great food. Restaurants and pastry shops have all that you could want, from big bowls of noodles to freshly-baked snack breads. Prices will vary, but one can easily find a bargain at one of the counter-order restaurants. Order a buttery pastry or a plate of sushi to go, and continue with your tour. Also in downtown Los Angeles is Grand Central Market, the city's oldest open-air market and home to 15 different restaurants. Dine at El Gaucho or China Cafe, Corleone Pizza, or Teriyaki Kings.

For French cuisine, try Melisse on Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica . While this restaurant is pricey, the atmosphere is more comfortable than you'd think. It's a good choice if you're looking for fine dining in a less-than-formal setting. For an even more casual experience, consider Cafe Pinot in downtown Los Angeles . Located on the premises of the Los Angeles Central Library, this restaurant offers a reasonably-priced menu of French-bistro items, plus a choice of indoor or outdoor seating.

While it's reassuring to know that there's always somewhere close (and likely good) to eat at, wherever you are in Los Angeles , another option is to simply eat at the hotel before heading out for the day or perhaps upon your return. Some hotel-restaurants are among the finest in town and The Grill at the Ritz-Carlton in Pasadena is a prime example. This high-price restaurant offers a fine-dining experience, with an updated menu of Contemporary cuisine.

In Los Angeles , you'll find a variety of restaurants, old-fashioned bistros, and corner cafes, as well as fast-food places and pizza joints. In Hollywood & Highland alone, you'll find a choice selection of eateries, such as California Pizza Kitchen and Baja Hollywood, ready to help reenergize you as you explore the mega-complex. Indeed, whether in downtown Los Angeles , Santa Monica , West Hollywood , or Century City , there's always a gem of a restaurant, bistro, or cafe to be found.

Wherever you choose to eat, just try and make sure it offers the type of food that you like, which is probably most important. No need to ruin a day spent touring with a disappointing meal, and there's no need to spend more than you wish. However, a day spent indulging on a fine meal may be something to consider while in L.A. -- to do at least once. As with Spago Beverly Hills, some restaurants in town are as famous as major attractions, and the price of admission (for a meal) is somehow worth it, especially once the food comes.

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