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Los Angeles is a vacation hot spot; a magnet for travelers worldwide. Hollywood punctuates   More...
Los Angeles is the city where people go to seek fame and fortune. Thus, it is not surprising to find that its   More...
A town that sells star maps and offers bus tours of celebrity homes, is a town that knows how to market itself,   More...
Window-shopping on Rodeo Drive . Searching for bargains at a flea market. Buying a new hat at The Grove.   More...
How to spend time in Los Angeles is a question that every visitor faces, and while the city's size   More...

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Guide To Los Angeles
Los Angeles is a vacation hot spot; a magnet for travelers worldwide. Hollywood punctuates its glamour and sandy beaches named Point Dume, Zuma, Manhattan , Hermoso, and Redondo evince its fun-in-the-sun SoCal reputation. Indeed, L.A. is undoubtedly a fun place to visit, overflowing with things to do and places (and people) to see. From downtown Los Angeles and Malibu to Santa Monica and Beverly Hills , this city pulses with culture and entertainment, the arts and sports, culinary delights, and most everything else a person can imagine, from plays and symphonies to star sightings and movie magic.

For a city as popular and as sprawling as Los Angeles is, it's a good thing to know that there's always a place to stay. Business travelers, vacationers, or those simply on weekend getaways, can find a wide selection of hotels and motels to choose from, including lodging near the airport, in the heart of Beverly Hills , around UCLA, on Sunset Boulevard, or in one the city's beach communities.

Popular hotels include Loews Beverly Hills, the Radisson near LAX Airport, the Los Angeles Marriott and Millennium Biltmore downtown, and Le Parc Suites on Sunset. As you can see, the possibilities are many. Planning your trip well ahead of time can help in avoiding booked hotels and thus, a limited selection. Better to have many choices than only a few.

Speaking of choices, visitors to L.A. will have many to make when deciding where and how to spend their time. Famous attractions can be found throughout the city and no, it's not just all about the famous movie stars. Though Hollywood is no doubt a popular tourist destination, Los Angeles is also home to world-class museums, open-air markets, historic districts, and countless other places to see and experience, including Santa Monica Pier, Universal Studios, and the clubs on Sunset Strip. From the flea markets and their bargain bins to the boutique shops where the stars may be, Los Angeles is also a shopper's (and window-shopper's) dream.

Dining in Los Angeles is an experience as well, as the city is home to all kinds of cuisine, attracting some of the finest chefs from around the world. Here you can find Chinese, Japanese, Italian, French, Mexican, Contemporary, and American food restaurants, accommodating foreign travelers visiting the city, as well as those wanting to sample cuisine from another place. All of it's here, along with an array of bistros, pubs, outdoor cafes, and other eateries.

Travelers should note that L.A. is known for its traffic jams for a reason. Simply put: they exist. Thus, budget and location are two factors that should always be considered when planning a trip to the city. While one may economize by choosing an out-of-the-way hotel, it may be difficult navigating to the city's more popular sites and attractions without a car A pricier hotel with a better location may prove its worth in the end, as it may very well save money (not to mention time) spent on transportation.

Comprising over 450 square miles, Los Angeles is an impressive city indeed. While it is difficult to imagine experiencing all of L.A. in one trip, perhaps that is part of its magic, as it promises something new and exciting to each of its guests -- whether it be the first time visiting or not.

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