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Marriott Los Angeles Downtown  
333 South Figueroa Street

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Beware of Staying Here You Will Not Get Your Vehicle When You Need It!!
  By Hotel Hotline Member from San Diego on Thursday, April 02, 2009
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" I had a presentation to do for my business to. If all went as planned it would have been very lucrative for my business. I was the only one this presentation featured. In other words if I was late it would have made me and my professionalism look VERY BAD because no one would be there to cover me. I made sure I was going to arrive 1hr early to my event in order to set up and make sure everything was going to work as planned. Nobody informed me about a convention on Saturday morning, the morning of my presentation, where the valet would take 45min-1hr to get my truck out of the valet. I told the Valet staff and manager my predicament after about 10minutes of waiting, after 20minutes I realized I was being ignored, and reprioritized. After 1/2 hour I started DEMANDING someone bring my vehicle! I was told it was on its way. I let everyone on the staff there know my situation and NOBODY could get me my vehicle. I even saw them bring people their car that had arrived 20minutes afte"

Hotel Hotline Member from San Diego

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