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Cultures collide in sunny San Diego. City sidewalks meet sandy beaches and Spanish heritage combines   More...
While many go to San Diego to indulge in authentic Mexican food, top-notch enchiladas and burritos   More...
With beaches, theme parks, and historical sites galore, there's always something to see and do in San Diego.  More...
San Diego 's diverse neighborhoods are packed with a variety of shops that sell just about anything you can imagine.  More...
San Diego by night is just as hot as San Diego by day. The city's bars, clubs and lounges cater to every    More...

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Guide To San Diego
Cultures collide in sunny San Diego. City sidewalks meet sandy beaches and Spanish heritage combines with California cool in one of the West Coast’s most fun cities. In the mid-nineteenth century, a developer dubbed the land that would become San Diego “the prettiest place for a city I ever saw.” 150 years later, San Diego remains one of the world’s most beautiful metropolitan areas and an ideal place to visit any time of year.

Brilliant white sand and aqua blue surf make San Diego’s beaches one of the city’s prime attractions. On over seventy miles of coastline, beaches packed with the sun-tanned and the bikini-clad sprawl out. From dramatic, cliff-backed coves to wide-open stretches of sand, San Diego’s beaches are as diverse as the city itself.

Many are family-friendly and feature parks and pools designed with youngsters in mind.Water sports enthusiasts will love San Diego’s variety of snorkeling and surfing sites. No matter what beach you’re on, turn your attention to the sky as daylight dwindles – the sunset over San Diego’s beaches will take your breath away.

The beach is only one of San Diego’s many attractions. The city is renowned for its theme parks and zoos, most notably the San Diego Zoo and Sea World. History buffs young and old will delight in Old Town San Diego, a district dedicated to the city’s Hispanic heritage. San Diego’s eclectic shopping neighborhoods stock everything from luxury goods to ethnic trinkets. Spend a day browsing the trendy stores of the Gaslamp quarter or the upscale boutiques of La Jolla and you’re bound to find something only San Diego can offer.

San Diego values good food, as is apparent from the multitude of excellent restaurants and eateries scattered throughout the city. Authentic Mexican food is popular but is by no means representative of the city’s dining scene. It’s not uncommon to find a Thai take-out, a French bistro and an Italian café on the same block. Flavors from Asia, Europe, Africa and America mingle with each other in San Diego’s many fusion restaurants. A meal in San Diego is often a meal more eclectic than any most places in the world can serve up.

When night falls, music pulses through the city. From jazz to rock to disco to hip-hop, every kind of music is represented in San Diego’s bars and clubs. Those who enjoy cultural entertainment will appreciate the city’s venues for opera and classical music. Whether you want to listen to the melodies of a string quartet or groove to the spins of a world-famous DJ, you’ll always find a way to enjoy San Diego by night.

With its near-perfect year round climate, it’s no wonder over 20 million visitors flock to San Diego annually. On most days, temperatures hover around 70°F and humidity stays low. While shorts and t-shirts are fine during the day, take along a sweater or jacket for San Diego’s cooler nights. The city was designed to be automobile-friendly, and most visitors consider a car a necessity. Rent or drive one down so you can get around San Diego with ease.

Visitors often come for sun, sand and surf but end up loving San Diego for its wide range of activities and attractions. Pay a visit and you too will see why the beautifully diverse city is considered the jewel of Southern California.

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