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Washington DC is home to many symbols of the United States. One can see the original Declaration of Independence   More...
Washington D.C. is a diverse area, and its restaurants reflect this diversity.   More...
There's bad news, good news, and great news about traveling in D.C.   More...
Washington D.C. has a good mix of eclectic stores and large shopping centers.  More...
The first thing you should do when planning your nighttime activities is to pick up a copy of   More...

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Guide To Washington
Washington DC is home to many symbols of the United States. One can see the original Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution at the National Archives. From the Smithsonian mall, the large strip of land in the center of DC that houses many of the city's best museums, the Washington Monument rises in the distance, and the U.S. Capitol and White House stand not far away.

Along the Potomac sit memorials to some of the country's most admired Presidents--Lincoln, Jefferson, and Roosevelt--as well as jogging and bike trails, shade-covered paths to stroll on, and a booth where you can rent a paddle boat and idly drift along the Potomac during the nicer parts of the year.

But while one could easily spend a week exploring DC art museums, history museums, and majestic memorials, you'll miss much of what DC has to offer if you limit yourself to this area. The city's Metro system has several color-coded lines that meet in the center of the city and then expand outwards like the legs of a spider, allowing one to travel almost anywhere in DC and to many of the attractions in the two neighboring states, Maryland and Virginia.

For example, DC is well-known for its ethnic food, and the Metro is an easy way to get to many of the city's restaurants. Whether you like Ethiopian, Moroccan, Greek, or an old-fashioned sub, DC has several choices in each category.

One of the most popular areas to eat is Adams Morgan, a 15-minute walk from the Adams Morgan Metro Stop. The prices in this area range from reasonable to expensive, and the food is almost uniformly good. Since the city is only an hour away from Baltimore, one of the prime seafood markets in the country, many of the restaurants are able to serve delicious seafood. You can also make a short trip to and stuff yourself at an all-you-can-eat crab house in Maryland or Virginia, or drive an hour to Baltimore and eat at the source.

The best places to shop are scattered around the city, but Dupont Circle is an excellent place to start. From the Dupont Metro station, there are several one-of-a-kind independent book stores, tea houses, and unique clothing stores. If you are looking for a wilder experience, once a week an open fair bazaar is held in Eastern Market from 9:00 to 2:00. Merchants and farmers sell pottery, antiques, food, clothes, and an assortment of other items.

DC isn't the city that never sleeps, but some days it stays up past its curfew. One can catch a movie at the Uptown, the largest theater in the area, visit dozens of bars and pubs, catch an independent band at a cozy, small bar, dance to hits from the 70s and 80s in a retro dance club, or laugh the night away at a stand-up comedy show.

Much lies under the surface of Washington DC This guide will highlight the city's best and share a few gems that aren't in most travel guides.

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