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With a nickname like "The Biggest Little City in the World," it’s not surprising that Reno strives to offer big-time fun despite its size.  More...
Buffet or fine dining. Steak or sushi. Indoor or outdoor eating. Whatever your appetite craves,  More...
To truly explore Reno and its surrounding area, one would need more than a weekend to spare.  More...
Located at Virginia Street , the historic sign declaring Reno "the biggest little city in the world,”   More...
Fun and entertainment in Reno abounds for the entire family, as well as for solo travelers, couples,   More...

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Guide To Reno
Buffet or fine dining. Steak or sushi. Indoor or outdoor eating. Whatever your appetite craves, Reno has an answer, offering a variety of restaurants for every budget and every taste.

Even though Reno and nearby Lake Tahoe offer more than enough distractions to keep tourists busy, everyone has to eat at some time. Restaurants, diners, cafes, and sports bars offer up an assortment of good fast food, service, and return on investment. A few dollars may not be enough to play slots for long, but it can go a long way in getting a good meal at one of the local pubs or eateries. It's just a matter of finding where to go.

Not surprisingly, the hotel-casinos in the area offer a fine selection of cuisine, making it easier for guests to find what they're looking for, even without transportation. The Peppermill, located about three miles from downtown Reno , features the White Orchid, a fine-dining establishment with a contemporary menu chosen to reflect the seasons. If you hit the jackpot, this is a great way to treat yourself and cap off a winning day in town.

Staying with the Peppermill, one can't overlook the grand opening of Oceano, a fair-priced restaurant that will attract seafood lovers from throughout the region. This seafood, oyster, and sushi bar is a sight to see, as it was built to transport guests to an underwater world. The atmosphere of Oceano is just as impressive as the food, which ranges from crab cakes and steamed oysters to salmon and seafood salads.

Though it is one of Reno's newest restaurants, Oceano's reputation is spreading fast, and so if you can't get a reservation, consider the very popular John's Oyster Bar at the Nugget, which offers a great selection of steamers, chowder, shrimp, and cocktails for a reasonable price. A new sushi bar has also just opened up on the Sky Terrace at the Atlantis. Dine at this establishment and have spectacular city views complement your meal.

Another example of convenient hotel dining can be found at the Eldorado, where guests can dine on northern Italian dishes at La Strada or fine dining at the Roxy. The Roxy also features a bar and lounge, with an award-winning wine list to select from and live music to listen to.

For health-conscience dining, Lexie's at the grand Siena Hotel Spa Casino offers a menu of organic steaks, along with fresh seafood. For those craving steak, but not necessarily organic, Harrah's Steak House is another option, offering its own menu of surf and turf, with prices falling on the more generous side.

For more organic choices, consider Fourth St. Grill. Located right in the heart of Reno , this restaurant offers casual dining, a contemporary cuisine, and reasonable prices -- though still more than your everyday fast-food restaurant. Waiting can be kept to a minimum by making reservations ahead of time. In fact, reservations are always a wise choice when considering dining at a restaurant.

Budget-wise, such restaurants above may prove to be a bit pricey, particularly if ordering for an entire family or group of friends. And with most restaurants having a theme, there's always the chance that someone will be left unhappy with the selection. A good alternative is the sure-to-please buffet.

Most every hotel-casino offers buffets and while prices can vary, it's a good economic bet for groups, families, and solo travelers alike. With so much to do in Reno and Lake Tahoe , meals can sometimes be infrequent, and a smart way to spend time is to indulge in an all-you-can-eat breakfast, lunch, brunch, or dinner buffet. Though all hotels strive to offer guests an attractive spread, one of the most impressive buffets would have to be that of Caesars Tahoe. Dubbed "The Roman Feast," it daily features prime rib, fresh pasta, and rich desserts.

As said, cuisine in Reno is diverse, aiming to satisfy the appetites and tastes of all guests, visitors, and residents dining out. Choose from American, Chinese, Mexican, and Italian restaurants located inside of hotels or in and around town. If adventurous or with time to spare, restaurants further away can be visited as part of a day trip or perhaps be the reason to travel altogether -- with the destination serving as navigator.

For instance, the Engadine Cafe is about 50 miles away from Reno in Soda Springs and La Ferme Restaurant is found in Carson City . Both restaurants offer French cuisine, and while the trip is a time commitment, the food each offers is a proper reward. The prices range from $7.95 for appetizers to $25 for entrees and both restaurants offer a moderately-priced wine selection.

Finally, sometimes what is most familiar is what is most welcome, and for those not wanting to try the different or spend a lot of time deciding on what to eat and where to go, coffee shops, diners, pizza parlors, and fast-food restaurants can all be found in Reno and its surrounding area. These eateries are sure to be within budget, while keeping stomach growls at bay. They're also great for families with kids, offering a fun and familiar environment away from home. Plus, their proximity and fast service will prove valuable when pressed for time.

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