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With a nickname like "The Biggest Little City in the World," it’s not surprising that Reno strives to offer big-time fun despite its size.  More...
Buffet or fine dining. Steak or sushi. Indoor or outdoor eating. Whatever your appetite craves,  More...
To truly explore Reno and its surrounding area, one would need more than a weekend to spare.  More...
Located at Virginia Street , the historic sign declaring Reno "the biggest little city in the world,”   More...
Fun and entertainment in Reno abounds for the entire family, as well as for solo travelers, couples,   More...

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Guide To Reno
Located at Virginia Street , the historic sign declaring Reno "the biggest little city in the world,” is a promise to visitors and residents alike that despite its size, this town can offer as much as the bigger cities do. And apart from the 24-7 gaming, Reno is very much like other towns and strives to offer a balance of the familiar and the new.

One of the ways Reno remains similar to other cities is its shopping selection. Sure, most cities don't have shopping arcades below buzzing hotel-casinos, but take away the ringing slot machines and glittering lights, and you'll find the experience is not so different.

Of course when visiting Reno and the Lake Tahoe region, shopping at malls and retail stores is probably not number one on anyone's must-do list. However, one can never know if a new outfit is needed for dancing or going out to dinner. Maybe flowers are needed for a celebration or a backpack for a spur-of-the-moment hike. Whatever the need, the stores and specialty shops of Reno and Lake Tahoe are sure to have it. Just take a look.

Let's start out with the traditional malls. That familiar collection of stores that carry just about everything, from designer outfits to fanny packs. In fact, the first on the list is actually one of Northern Nevada 's most popular attractions: Meadowood Mall. Indeed, this mega-mall is a terrific place to head to on the weekends, during the holidays, or at any time when you need something new.

For out-of-town visitors, Meadowood Mall's proximity to downtown Reno is one of its greatest features. Located mere minutes from the Reno -Sparks Convention Center, this mall has all the department stores and specialty shops one can hope for. Macy's, JC Penney, and Sears serve as the main entrances and inside, shops range from The Gap and Ann Taylor to Waldenbooks and Things Remembered. Need a gift for a wedding? A pair of sunglasses for a Tahoe cruise? Visit Meadowood. One thing to keep in mind though is that being a popular attraction, the mall is always busy, so a bit of patience is advised.

Other nearby places to shop include Park Lane Mall at the corner of South Virginia and Plumb Street and the Reno Hilton Shopping Arcade, located a floor below the Reno Hilton casino and resort. This arcade features both novelty and specialty shops, making it a good place to visit for souvenirs and gifts before traveling home. Reno shopping centers include Airport Square, Smithridge Plaza , and the Southwest Pavillion located on South Virginia .

As for those visiting Lake Tahoe , specialty shops are the norm. One of the finest and newest examples is The Shops at Heavenly Village . Part of a beautiful ski resort, with attractions such as the Gondola at Heavenly, this shopping village is an experience in and of itself. Find unique boutiques, plus a nice selection of eateries. Shop for higher-end lifestyle apparel, accessories, art, and gifts. A certain tourist attraction, The Shops at Heavenly Village is open seven days a week from 9am to 9pm .

And though specialty shops are typical of the Lake Tahoe area, there are indeed bargains to be found, and a pleasant afternoon can be spent doing just that at the Factory Stores at the Y in South Lake Tahoe . Get discounted name-brand apparel and accessories, such as from Adidas, Samsonite, Sunglass Hut, Van Heusen, and Bass Shoes. Located at Highways 50 and 89, the Factory Stores at the Y offer 19 stores covering a range of products and gift items, from the latest fashion trends to hand-made chocolates.

That being said, visitors to Reno and Lake Tahoe understandably may not want to spend an entire day shopping for bargains or for the latest couture styles. However, shopping for souvenirs always seem to be a fun excursion. Whether it be a silver token at the Silver Legacy or a stuffed plush toy won at Circus Circus, a souvenir is a great way to remember a trip.

For instance, a visit to the historic city of Virginia City (about 25 miles southeast of Reno ) presents the chance to purchase souvenirs that celebrate the Comstock region. Preserved to help remember the past, Virginia City is a popular tourist destination for local residents and those visiting Reno , South Lake Tahoe , Tahoe City , or any of the surrounding cities and towns.

Did you know that Mark Twain once wrote for the "Territorial Enterprise," a newspaper of Virginia City in the nineteenth century? He did, and naturally today the only bookstore operating in Virginia City is named after this beloved American writer. Mark Twain Books is a bookstore dedicated to the Comstock region and its history, offering photographs, historical documents, artifacts, and more. Open during the summer months, it's not only a fun and interesting site to visit, but also a perfect place to purchase a souvenir to remember the Reno experience.

Staying with Virginia City, the Marshall Mint Museum and Gold Shop also aims to keep the history of the region alive, and tourists who visit can purchase gold nuggets, collector coins, jewelry, and mineral specimens. In Nevada 's capital, Carson City , the Stewart Indian Cultural Center has a gift shop where visitors can purchase Native American art and goods. This is an example of how souvenirs from the region can also be of benefit, and how tourists can help with that effort.

To summarize, shopping in Reno can be as varied as one would like. From the mega-malls to the specialty boutiques and souvenir shops, there is certainly an abundance of choices; and as with any trip, time-management is critical and proper planning key to finding what you seek within the time-frame you have. What's most important is to just have fun, a task which "the biggest little city in the world" makes easy to do.

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