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About Greg Hartnett
CEO of Hotel LLC

A serial entrepreneur with a passion for the Internet’s commercial and social networking possibilities, Greg Hartnett has played in integral role in shaping the online travel industry. As CEO of Hotel LLC, Greg Hartnett directs the activities of one of the premier suppliers of hotel reservations on the Internet. Hartnett is responsible for the successful transformation of the company’s operations from an affiliate model to a proprietary merchant model—and for the resulting increase in sales to $12 million annually. Today, Hartnett oversees Hotel Hotline’s daily operations while mapping strategies for the company’s future development. In addition, Hartnett serves as the media spokesman for Hotel Hotline.

Greg Hartnett held various positions within the financial industry prior to his foray into Internet entrepreneurship. He began his professional life in San Francisco where he served in the role of junior analyst for the private wealth management team at Goldman Sachs, then worked as a listed equities trader for Montgomery Securities. A position as vice president of corporate finance for Agean Capital in Boca Raton, Florida was the capstone of his investment banking career.

Greg Hartnett studied at Hofstra University. A husband, father, and activist, he currently makes his home on Long Island, New York.

About Brian Prince
President of Hotel LLC

A digital marketing visionary, Brian Prince has been intimately involved with shaping the landscape of the Internet revolution since 1994. As co-founder and president of Hotel LLC, Brian Prince grew the company from the ground up to become a leading supplier of hotel reservations worldwide, with $60 million in gross travel bookings since 2000. He directed the creation of a proprietary merchant model partnering directly with hotels for reservations, and introduced the company’s travel comparison shopping platform, recently launched on

Brian Prince built a long career in sales management before exploring his passion for Internet entrepreneurship. He held positions of increasing responsibility within AT&T Corporation, ultimately rising to director of training for the company’s New York-based sales force. This trajectory led to a position as the national account manager for WorldCom, Inc. and then to the role of director of sales for CyberGate/ValueWeb Inc., a Florida-based web hosting company. Under Prince’s direction, ValueWeb grew from relative obscurity to become one of the largest web hosting providers in the world.

Brian Prince earned a B.S. in business management from the University of Maryland and attended the University of London’s International Business Program. A private pilot and active investor, he makes his home in New York with his wife and two sons.

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